Fusible 3/16 A (0.187 Amper) Slow Blow-Bally #E-00133-0029 – Pack 5 fuses


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Fusible 3/16 A (0.187 Amper) Slow Blow-Bally #E-00133-0029 – Pack 5 fuses

Precio Pack 5 fuses

LITTLEFUSE 3AG 3/16(0.187A) Slow-Blow

Series: AGC
Product: Glass Fuse
Current Rating: 187.5 mA
Fuse Type: Slow Blow
Fuse Size / Group: 3AG (6.3 mm x 32 mm)
Voltage Rating AC: 250 VAC

High voltage power supply fuse* used on early solid state Bally solenoid driver boards.

Se utiliza en pinballs Bally and Stern de 1977 a 1985 en la solenoid/regulator board para score display output

Bally E-00133-0029 fuse
Midway 0017-00003-0206 fuse
Bally AS-2518-22 solenoid driver/voltage regulator module
Midway A084-91785-D000 Pinball Power Module 6803
Midway B084-91785-C000 Pinball Power Module 6803
Midway M051-00C53-D001 Pinball Power Module 6803

Referencia F479
Se usa en los siguientes pinball:
BALLY: Baby Pac-Man, Black Jack (SS), Black Pyramid, BMX, Centaur, Centaur II, Cybernaut, Dolly Parton, Eight Ball, Eight Ball Deluxe, Elektra, Embryon, Evel Knievel (SS), Fathom, Fireball Classic, Fireball II, Freedom (SS), Flash Gordon, Frontier, Future Spa, Gold Ball, Grand Slam, Granny and the Gators, Harlem Globetrotters, Hotdoggin’, Kings of Steel, KISS, Lost World, Mata Hari (SS), Medusa, Mr. & Mrs. Pac-Man, Mystic, Night Rider, Nitro Ground Shaker, Paragon, Playboy, Power Play (Bobby Orr’s) (SS), Rolling Stones, Silverball Mania, Six Million Dollar Man, Skateball, Space Invaders, Speakeasy, Speakeasy 4, Spectrum, Spy Hunter, Star Trek, Strikes and Spares, Supersonic, Vector, Viking, Voltan, X’s & O’s, Xenon

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