Display-glass 6-digit Gottlieb


  • ARS: $ 56.993

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Display-glass 6-digit Gottlieb

Original display-glass 6-digit Gottlieb

Vidrio original nuevo para reemplazo en board PB00-D140 de los modelos Gottlieb Solid State y System 80

Referencia F474

Se usa en pinballs

GOTTLIEB: Black Hole, Buck Rogers, Charlies Angels (electronic), Circus (Gottlieb), Cleopatra (electronic), Close Encounters of the Third Kind (electronic), Count-Down, Counterforce, Eclipse, Force II, Genie, Haunted House, Incredible Hulk, James Bond 007, Joker Poker (electronic), Mars God of War, Panthera, Pinball Pool, Pink Panther, Roller Disco, Sinbad (electronic), Solar Ride (electronic), Spider-Man (Gottlieb), Star Race, Time Line, Torch, Totem, Volcano


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