Coil retaining bracket Bally-Wms-#01-8-508-S


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Coil retaining bracket Bally-Wms-#01-8-508-S

Coil retaining bracket Bally-Wms-#01-8-508-S. Escuadra retención de bobina al soporte de montaje principal.

Usado en pinballs Bally/Williams, pero se puede usar en muchas marcas y modelos diferentes.

Se utiliza en dispositivos como slingshot bumpers, kick-out saucers, eject holes, ball release, ball launchers/kickers, older-style flipper assemblies, stepper units, replay knockers, etc.

Este soporte tiene orificios ovales no roscados para tornillos #6-32

Tienen 7/16 de pulgada (9 mm) entre los orificios de los tornillos de centro a centro. El orificio para el buje de bobina mide 1/2 pulgada (13 mm) de diámetro interior. El soporte mide 3/4 de pulgada (18 mm) de ancho, 1 pulgada (25 mm) de largo total.

JJP 10-7000-01
Replaces A-16645-R
Replaces A-16645-L

Se usa en:
addams family gold, attack from mars (bally), black rose, bugs bunny, cactus canyon, champion pub, corvette, creature from the black lagoon, dr dude, dr who, gilligans island, harley davidson (bally), indy 500, judge dredd, nba fastbreak, party zone, pool sharks, popeye, radical, revenge from mars, safe cracker, scared stiff, shadow, theatre of magic, twilight zone, who dunnit, world cup soccer 1994, etc
algar, alien poker, bad cats, barracora, black knight, black knight 2000, blackout, congo, contact, demolition man, diner, dirty harry, disco fever, earthshaker, firepower, fish tales, flash, flintstones, funhouse, getaway high speed 2 (williams), gorgar, high speed, hot tip – electromechanical, hot tip – solid state, hurricane, indiana jones (williams), jackbot, johnny mnemonic, jungle lord, junkyard, laser ball, lucky seven, machine bride of pinbot, medieval madness (williams), monster bash (williams), no fear, no good gofers, pharaoh, phoenix, pinbot, pokerino, police force, police force, riverboat gambler, road show, rollergames, scorpion, space station, star trek the next generation, star wars episode 1 (williams), stellar wars, tales of the arabian nights, terminator 2, time warp, tri zone, whirlwind, white water, etc