Bracket & Rollover-Switch-Wire Assembly – Bally Williams #A-5844-41


  • ARS: $ 25.542

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Bracket & Rollover-Switch-Wire Assembly – Bally Williams #A-5844-41

Bracket & Rollover Switch Wire Assembly

Bally Williams #A-5844-41

Usado en varios WMS/Bally pinball

BALLY: Addams Family, Addams Family Gold, Black Rose, Bugs Bunny’s Birthday Ball, Creature From the Black Lagoon, Dr. Dude, Doctor Who, Gilligan’s Island, Harley Davidson, Party Zone, Pool Sharks, Radical!, Shadow, Twilight Zone

WILLIAMS: Bad Cats, Banzai Run, Barracora, Big Guns, Black Knight, Black Knight 2000, Cosmic Gunfight, Cyclone, Defender, Diner, Dracula, Earthshaker!, F-14 Tomcat, Fire!, Firepower, Firepower II, Fish Tales, Funhouse, Getaway High Speed II, Grand Lizard, High Speed, Hurricane, Jokerz!, Joust, Jungle Lord, The Machine Bride of PinBot, Millionaire, Pharaoh, PinBot, Police Force, Riverboat Gambler, Road Kings, Rollergames, Scorpion, Solar Fire, Sorcerer, Space Shuttle, Star Light, Swords of Fury, Terminator 2, Whirlwind, White Water